ZZI Group, an abbreviated name of Guangdong Zhongzhi Investment Group, is a business organization with investment mainly in real estate development, building decoration materials, tourism, and venture investment.

Real Estate Development

Zhong Guang Real East Development Co., one the group’s major subsidiaries, entered into the field of construction and development of residential properties in Gaozhou City, Guangdong Province back in 2004. To date, in only 10 years from its entrance into the industry, the company has built and delivered over 70 residential and commercial buildings with a total construction size of 550,000 square meters, and reserved nearly 1 million square meters of land for future residential and commercial real estate development in Guangdong and Zhejiang.

Realty Tourism

ZZI Group is expanding its business into tourism in Guangdong Province. The type focused upon is “Real Estate Tourism” that attracts tourists to destinations facilitated by real estate development.