Zhong Guang Real East Development Co., was founded in 2004. It deals mainly with real estate development.

Taikang Garden

Taikang Garden is the first residential/business community that the company has designed and built.

The community is situated upon a land with a total size of 300,000 square meters. It hosts 70 buildings with 1400 units of apartments in them. The total construction area is approximately 350,000 square meters.

The development of the community includes two phases. Phase 1 was designed and built for residential use only, Phase 2 for mixed residential and commercial use. The construction of all 33 buildings in Phase 1, appraised as high-end apartment buildings in Gaozhou City, have been completed, and all the apartment units contained have been sold out.

Currently, phase 2 is under construction. It is designed for mixed use of residence and commerce. A retail street that runs as long as 458 meters links Phase 1 area with phase 2 area. The main section for retail activities is a 4-story building covering 30,000 square meters. It would be used by a branded department store and supermarket.

For the residents to enjoy their daily lives, the community offers many facilities including a 8,000 squire-meter central park, club, swimming pool, tennis court, basket-ball court and a kindergarten as well.